Bb LABORATORIES於1997年在日本成立,由日本東京警察醫院皮膚科高梨真教博士帶領其他皮膚科醫生研發,致力從醫學方法尋求出高效安全的護膚產 品,研究結果證明 『 原液能改善肌膚任何問題』,此結果並獲得醫業同行的肯定。

Bb LABORATORIES 在日本鹿兒島自設農場,並成為國家認可的胎盤素研究所,是日本 胎盤素原液生產商的先鋒,主要生產「胎盤素原液」和「玻尿酸原液」。以醫療等級『 分子分化法』排除不良異常的細胞,質量受到嚴格監管,安全有保障,務求每個客人的肌膚得到最合適的養分及護理,讓他們擁有細緻無瑕的肌膚。

 Bb LABORATORIES一直堅守務實嚴謹的態度,二十年來一直備受追求品質與功效並重的顧客信賴。Bb LABORATORIES產品的銷售點遍佈日本、美國、韓國、新加坡及香港台灣、中國。單是日本已有超過4000個銷售點,主要分佈於日本40個城市內各 大百貨公司及藥房。

Bb LABORATORIES in 1997 in Japan was established by Japan Tokyo metropolitan police hospital Dermatology led other dermatologist Dr Gao Lizhen taught research, commitment to medical methods to seek effective and safe skin care products, and the results demonstrate that the solution can improve skin problems.

Bb LABORATORIES in Japan, Kagoshima has set up farms, and become a nationally recognized Institute of placenta, is Japan manufacturers pioneer the bulk of placenta, mainly produce "placental fluid" and "collagen solution." Medical grade "differentiation law" exclude bad abnormal cells, strict quality control, safety and security, to ensure that each guest's have the right skin nutrients and care, allowing them to have a detailed and flawless skin.

Bb LABORATORIES held pragmatic and rigorous attitude, more than 10 years has been the pursuit of quality and effectiveness and customer demand. Bb LABORATORIES products sales points all over Japan and the United States, and Korea, and Singapore and Hong Kong. Japan has more than 400 outlets, mainly in Japan 40 department stores and pharmacies in the city.





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